TCP (Traffic Control Person)

Complete traffic control takes great pride in ensuring the safety of your workers and general public at a work site. We are a full service provider that shows up best trained and behaved staff and all the equipment required to safely do the work

With Complete traffic control you will get:

  • Certified and highly experienced flaggers
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 First Aid attendees
  • Short Term lane closures or Long term lane closures
  • Highway certified Lane closure technicians
  • Brand new lane closure vehicles
  • Each vehicle is equipped with brand new arrow boards, appropriate signage and delineators
  • Traffic control consultations and site inspections

LCT (Lane Closure Technician)

Lane Closure Technicians
We provide Lane Closure Technicians that are equipped with MoTI compliant flashing arrow boards, signage and delineators that are suitable for a wide array of jobs. Our LCT’s are equipped with the necessary means to close a lane and provide traffic control for more complex setups.


Our Traffic Control Supervisors are highly trained and experienced. All the sites are named adequately with supervisors to oversee traffic control technicians, flaggers, workers, and others on a highway work zone construction project.

Supervisors are involved and responsible for the following duties:

  • Developing Internal Traffic Control Plans
  • Temporary Traffic Control
  • Channeling Devices
  • Understanding the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Installation and Removal of Traffic Control Devices

Site Checks – Long Term Projects

From movie shoots to mass events. Get us involved early to ensure smooth traffic management.

  • Traffic Control Event management
  • Single Lane & Multi-Lane closure
  • Setup of Signs and Message Board
  • 24-hour traffic control personnel
  • Traffic Control Supervisor
  • Valet

Equipment pick up and drop offs

We provide swift response to any type of emergency requiring our services. Weather and storms happen throughout the Fall and Winter. Our administrative and flagging teams have seen it all and are prepared to handle the influx demand of emergency repairs at any time.

Equipment Rentals

Traffic control doesn’t always require the dispatch of our people to your work site. Our customers may not always be aware that there are times and circumstances when safe and effective traffic control can easily be accomplished with our equipment, vehicles, and proper signage solutions.

Our experts will consult with you to assess your work site or affected road closure to recommend the best solution. We offer a wide variety of traffic control solutions including equipment sales and rentals as well as innovative configurations for your traffic control requirements.
Contact us today for a consultation.


We provide traffic planning services based on your needs:

  • Permit application from traffic authorities, such as cities, municipalities and the MoTI
  • Traffic Management Plans for Categories 1-5

About Permits

A Traffic Control Permit is a requirement for a proper traffic control setup as outlined in the MoTI Manual.
Work on a street or highway in BC cannot be performed without a permit.

Each city, municipal or provincial authority has its own requirements and permit application which must be completed accurately and submitted with a traffic plan. In some cases, these plans can be complex.

  • Class 1 is the simplest and can be a single page drawing.
  • Class 5 is the most complex and will often include 70 or 80 pages and several drawings. Such a plan requires the seal of a professional engineer.

Many contractors and utilities apply for these permits themselves. Others request that we apply for a permit on their behalf as part of our traffic planning services.

How We Can Help

We have the expertise to produce all levels of traffic management permits and plans.

Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Pro Services provides quality traffic management plans for a number of traffic scenarios and projects. We believe in ensuring quality by making our traffic plans as close to scale as possible and ensuring they are easily read and followed by traffic control staff on site.

Traffic Pro Services handles all varieties of traffic control plans, including Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure .